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Since 1995, Cover New York has been one of New York City's leading educational tour companies serving students, faculty and institutions worldwide. Our customized study programs and itineraries offer students a "behind-the-scenes" view of some of New York's most dynamic industries, from Fashion to Interior Design to Marketing to Communications and Media. Cover New York provides a unique and inspiring educational opportunity to connect with the most exciting city in the world.

Industry Access and Opportunities

With exceptional access to market-leading companies, Cover New York consistently delivers a high quality educational tour experience. Our primary objectives are to provide students the best possible venues to observe the workplace in action and explore employment and internship opportunities.

Specialized Study Program Itineraries for Students

Our educational tour itineraries typically include four site visits each day, where industry professionals present business overviews, in-depth product reviews, facility tours and specialized functions such as product development, design and marketing. Elements from different industries may be combined into the study program itineraries. All other necessary arrangements including hotels, transportation, dining and entertainment can be provided by Cover New York in the educational tour package.